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The Magic of Massage

The Magic of Massage

When your muscles are knotted or you desperately need to relax there’s nothing more heavenly than a whole-body rubdown from your favorite therapist. But aside from feeling fantastic, a massage offers health benefits that far exceed the obvious. Research shows the power of touch can help reduce pain, anxiety, depression, promote immune function, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and even improve asthmatic conditions. Bottom line: Massage could be the unsung hero of the health world.

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Top 10 Stress Busters

Top 10 Stress Busters

Did you know that a vast majority of doctor visits are stress-related? Stress, practically a 21st century epidemic, can wreak havoc on your health and happiness if you don’t learn coping techniques to keep it at bay—for good. In fact, some of the many detrimental emotional effects of stress include:

  • Anger
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness and depression
  • Powerlessness
  • Total overwhelm

We’ve all experienced these feelings at some point, but when they become the norm rather than the exception that raises a stress red flag. By adopting some of the following stress-busting techniques, you can trade negative mindset for positive, productive, and potentially life-changing habits.

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Cut Clutter Create Possibility

Cut Clutter Create Possibility

While clutter might seem somewhat inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, you’d be wise to consider the feng shui take on an untidy space. According to principles of this ancient Chinese art, clutter prevents chi (positive energy or life force) from flowing throughout your home. Clutter contributes to feelings of being stuck or of being unable to relax in your home. The mere act of clearing clutter can renew your life by releasing negative emotions, and allowing you to create space for the things you want to achieve.

Here are three simple steps to take to cut down on the “Stuff” that gets in your way (literally and figuratively!)

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The Real Scoop on Salt


One mineral that many naturally assume they should reduce or eliminate entirely from their diet is salt. But does salt deserve to be vilified?

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Blended Bliss



For a fast way to supercharge your health, look no further than the liquid nirvana of healthy green (or pink, or orange) smoothies. Drinking your veggies allows you to ratchet up the nutritional content of your diet while starting your day with a boost that rivals that of coffee.

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The Blood Sugar Balancing Act

Blood Sugar Balancing Act

Do you spend the day feeling like you’re riding an erratic energy rollercoaster? Bursting with vitality after you eat something carby, sugary, or caffeinated only to crash an hour later feeling more lethargic than you did before you ate? If so, you can join the millions of Americans who need to address inconsistent blood sugar levels, a major contributor to type II diabetes.

Fortunately, the formula for keeping your energy stable throughout the day can be adopted quickly and easily by following a few key rules:

Forget simple and go for complex. We’re talking about carbohydrates here. Simple carbs such as those found in refined and sugary foods (cookies, chocolate, cakes, soda, white pasta/rice/bread are the regular culprits) break down quickly and cause an abnormally quick spike in your blood sugar. This spike is followed by a dramatic drop in blood sugar that can make you feel depleted, spacey, and moody.
>>Try this instead: Incorporate a variety of complex carbohydrates into your diet. Choose fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains over simple carb counterparts.

Don’t skip meals. Running too late to prepare breakfast? Have meetings that run through lunch? These lifestyle factors take a toll on your health. Waiting too long to eat can cause your blood sugar levels to dip uncomfortably.
>>Try this instead: Throughout the day, eat balanced snacks and meals, spaced no more than 2-3 hours apart. Preparing these in advance goes a LONG way toward keeping blood sugar levels stable.

Pay attention to protein. A snack or meal that’s heavy with carbs and lacking adequate protein can send your blood sugar soaring. Protein (from vegetable or animal sources) helps slow the release of glucose into your blood.
>>Try this instead: Use a 2:1 ratio of complex carbs to protein each time you eat. In addition, make sure each meal includes some form of fiber (found in fruit and vegetables) and heart-healthy fats (found in flaxseed, olive oil, avocado, and nuts).

Put a moratorium on packaged foods. No matter what kind of health claims you’ll find on the box, almost ALL contribute to the blood sugar havoc.
>>Try this instead: Have healthy alternatives like almonds, hummus, avocado, and walnuts on hand for snacks, and replace boxed rice on your dinner and lunch plates with quinoa, millet, and lentils.

Once you get in the habit of eating regularly, balancing your meals, and incorporating more slow-burning carbohydrates into your menu rotation, you’ll see your energy and mood level out and the blood sugar wild ride will quickly become a thing of the past.
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