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The First Half of Any Problem

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When we were in school, most of us had to do “word problems” in math class. The first step in solving the problem was to clarify what it was really asking. Then we could determine the solution.

It turns out that solving problems in life is a lot like solving word problems in school. We must first stop and clarify what the problem is really about.

The sticky thing about resolving problems is that many times we don’t take the time to look objectively at the circumstances and determine an ideal outcome. Instead, we jump right into reaction mode. This is what’s wrong. This is how I feel. And this is who’s to blame.

We can save ourselves a LOT of time, frustration and heartache, if we can step back and objectively see a problem for what it is. Once we have that clarity, not only is the problem half solved… but it’s much easier to create a solution where everyone wins.


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